Femme & Flora Inc. was founded on the principle that knowledge of self is at the foundation of true empowerment. Too often, women feel trapped in their bodies because the knowledge of the function and power of the female body has long been withheld. 

The gap in the understanding of the female body is, on its own, a public health crisis. While the incidence of uterine conditions is astonishingly high (as many as 1 in 4 women in the US will experience a uterine health condition in her lifetime), the options for treatment and prevention remain scant. The call for more research in this arena has long been  dismissed under the idea that our suffering is simply the consequence of bearing a uterus. 


Additionally, the health of the uterus has long been tethered to its ability to perform relative to another, either sexually or reproductively. Its ability to perform in its own right- to support the physical, emotional and mental health of its owner, is often neglected.  Femme & Flora seeks to change that. 


By focusing on service, education, and advocacy, Femme & Flora aims to improve body literacy and uterine health outcomes. In doing so, we hope to help women restore their confidence in their bodies by taking ownership of their health. 


Femme & Flora Inc. was formed from a shared passion for food as a tool for healing and an appreciation for the resilience of the female body. Our team has poured several hours into understanding how behavioral change and nutrition can facilitate healing, and we are excited to have the opportunity to share our knowledge with our community. 

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